FEMFIC LTD is a registered company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). We are fully engaged in the business of FOREX trade operation, investment portfolio management and FOREX trading skill development.

FEMFIC LTD has over eight years cumulative practical trading experience in the FOREX market.

You can benefit from FEMFIC LTD through our investment opportunity and self-development training platform
What are the investment options available at Femfic Ltd?
The short-term social trading option which yields a minimum of thirty percent (30%} return on investment monthly with the investor absolutely in control of his/her account.
The long-term social trading option which yields a minimum of one hundred percent (100%) return on investment annually with the investor also absolutely in control of his/her account.
The standard investment platform also yields one hundred percent (100%) return on investment annually with a cumulative of the interest and capital being spread across the twelve calendar months of the year and remitted to the investors account on a monthly basis. Femfic Ltd exclusively manages this investment option.

Social Trading is a service that allows investors to replicate or leverage on the operations of expert traders such as Femfic Ltd.

Our social trading platform is customized to suit/match our investors capital. All our investors have access to their capital/profit, withdrawable at their convenience and investors can interact directly with our expert traders.

The minimum investment capital is one hundred and ten dollars ($110)

There is no limit to the amount you can invest, the higher your investment the higher your return

Investors capital is used to trade in the world’s largest financial market.

This offers you an opportunity to make additional stream of income while you still engage in your regular job or business.

a. Your personal information
b. Your bank account details
c. Valid regulatory means of identification
d. Proof of address

Not to worry. Your registered account will be functional (that is, you can execute deposit and withdrawal operations) for a period of three to six months while you make arrangement to obtain a valid means of identification.

To open your investor’s account click on the link //femficltd.com/social-trading and follow the steps specified

Yes, investors can have more than one account and can also increase the capital on an already existing account.

You can make local cash deposit, wired transfer, online debit or credit card transfer or deposit with cryptocurrency.
a. Login to your account
b. Click on “old client profile” at the left corner of the page
c. Click on “deposit”
d. Choose your preferred means of deposit
(for “local deposit”, investors are advised to choose “Okwudili Ugochukwu” as deposit/withdrawal agent and use the GTBank account option provided)

You can make withdrawal from your account through local bank withdrawal, online transfer (debit or credit card), wired transfer and cryptocurrency wallet
( for “local withdrawal” ensure you withdraw through the agent option used in making your deposit)

a. Login to your account
b. Click “old client profile” at the left corner of the page
c. Click on “finance” on the menu bar at the left
d. Click on “internal transfer”
e. Provide the account details for “source account” from which you intend to transfer money from
f. Provide the account details for “destination account” which the money will be transferred to
g. Type the amount you want to transfer in figures example; 50
h. Continue

As long as you have enough profit you want to withdraw

Yes, you can withdraw at anytime you want to

We guarantee the safety of your capital and we ensure profitable return on your investment. Investors have easy and ready access to their money at any time.

Yes, at Femfic Ltd we encourage self-development and so offer a comprehensive one-on-one FOREX trading training session as part of our services

Yes, a referral commission is paid to you upon registration of minimum of five funded account you refer to Femfic Ltd

Ten percent (10%) of investor’s capital investment is charged by Femfic Ltd as administrative charge and commission on trading profit is shared on a 50%/50% basis (automatically executed by broker upon closure of every trading transaction)

Yes, but Femfic Ltd minimizes the risk to the barest minimum by applying prudent money management rules that warrant application of appropriate lot size in trading

Our primary objective is to ensure that our investors’ capital is safe and secured as investors have access to monitor their account on a daily basis. This we have been able to achieve through our MMR. Upon this we then ensure that every investor earns profit on their investment

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