Copy Trade

Are you a beginner?

Discover the Forex social world of professional trading by copying trades.

Trading in general can be intimidating. It's not easy to begin with, and once you throw charts and patterns into the mix, it becomes confusing enough to throw even the most enthusiastic newbie trader in panic mode. COPY TRADING helps you get rid of that fear. HERE'S HOW ====>

Copy trading is one of our service that allows investors to benefit from the experience and knowledge of better traders, and helps you leverage on their expertise to trade to your advantage.

HOW DOES IT WORK: When you copy our trade, it means that our future trade actions will be replicated on your account and have a proportional effect on your deposited funds. Our trade copier system guarantees a 20% monthly ROI (Return on investment) with a minimum investment of $100. All our investors have access to their capital and profit, withdrawable at their convenience and investors can interact directly with our expert traders.

To subscribe or link your account to our social trading platform, follow the step below.

Step 1.
Follow the link below and click on REGISTRATION.

Step 2.

Click on the Registration button at the top right corner and fill the form with your details.

Step 3.
Enter the code that we be sent to your phone line and click CONFIRM.

Step 4.
Click on the METATRADER.

Step 5.
Edit Leverage.
On this page you will see the segment with Main account this has your account details, like the account number, password etc. Under the Leverage click on the edit beside the 1:200, choose from the drop down 1:1000 and click Save.

Step 6.

Verification of profile is one of the important part of the process, click on the arrow beside your email or phone number from the drop down click my profile.

Step 7.

On the verification page click on the edit on each of the line input correct information like the Full name, your verifiable Address, your email or phone number as the case may be.


On the finance page we want to add our bank account and also fund our account to enable us link to our trader. Click on finance them click on wallet them Add bank account.


At step 9 we want to add our bank account, just fill the form and click on save.

STEP 10.

The next step is to fund your account with a minimum of $100 as that is the unity cash for every account that wants to link to our trader account. Click on the ‘Finance’ them Deposit Tab choose any of the transaction options that is suitable for you to make your deposit into your trading account. We advise our client to fund through Local deposit Okwudili Ugochukwu make payment into their account and fill the form to indicate the amount you pay and your account will be fund too.

STEP 11.

To link your account to our trading account.On the search bar type “@femfic”

STEP 12.
Click on copy settings

A. On the Copy type:- select “fixed size of each trade”.
B. Volume Type:- 0.02
C. Then click Copy button.

You get a message that your account has successfully link.

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