The Forex beginner’s course is designed to take newcomers and Forex beginners from the basics through demo-trading up to the point of profitable live trading. We deliver an easy to learn yet comprehensive Forex training.


Cryptocurrency trading has turned many part time investors into millionaires over the last few years, and the returns are growing at a rapid rate due to the influx of interest into the markets.


Trading in general can be intimidating. It’s not easy to begin with, and once you throw charts and patterns into the mix, it becomes confusing enough to throw even the most enthusiastic newbie trader in panic mode. COPY TRADING helps you get rid of that fear.


We have over the years evolved to become a strong player in the FX, we’ve seen dramatic change since our first days and have continue to see progression as we work with our clients and partners. The company is well positioned to expand its horizon in the local and global markets. We continually aim to maintain our proven track record of creating wealth for our clients.

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I am very glad to have come in contact with FEMFIC Limited. I had always believed that FOREX trading is only for banks and other top financial institutions till I met FEMFIC. Just in less than a month of training, I started earning From forex trading. Their copy trading and other strategic investment opportunities are mind blowing and second to none. My 3 years and counting experience with them has been very rewarding. Thank you FEMFIC for bringing me into the world of Forex.

Ogbonna Chinyere

Port Harcourt
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys have opened my eyes to the world of Forex. Your Commitment to excellence and quality is obvious in everything you do. I’m glad I decided to work with you. Your presentation content and professional skill in delivering is exceptional- thought provoking and engaging with great humour too – a true professional! also trust worthy and very reliable. Big thanks to you Keep the good works going.

Victor Osin

Lagos State
I have known Femfic over the years as a partner, investor and friend. My relationship with Femfic over the years has highly being profitable and inspiring. The CEO has undieing passion to create wealth and a better life for everyone he comes across with, particularly his clients who he always design systems to create wealth for investing and partnering with Femfic is a blessing for me. Thank You Femfic.

David Oguntimehin


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$ 50
/ Month
Trade Signals 2 to 4 signals
Target pips +900 to +2000 Pips
Entry & Exist Basic Setup
Trade Ideas Yes
What's App Signal Yes
Email Signal No
Call Support No


$ 250
/6 Month
Trade Signals 10 to 15 Signals
Target pips +3000 to +7000 Pips
Entry & Exits Accurate
Trade Ideas Yes
What's App Signal Yes
Email Signal Yes
Call Support Yes


$ 500
Trade Signals 20 to 30 Signals
Target pips +7000 to +15,000 Pips
Entry & Exits Accurate
Trade Ideas Yes
What's App Signal Yes
Email Signal Yes
Call Support Yes

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